Predavanje: Spatial statistics in materials science

U petak, 18. lipnja 2021. u 12:00 u dvorani B3-17 PMF-a

Jakub Stanek, phd

sa Karlovog Sveučilišta u Pragu

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Spatial statistics in materials science

Predavanje je organizirano u sklopu redovitog kolokvija Znanstvenog razreda SMD-a.

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Spatial statistics is a special part of statistics which focuses on various geometrical objects of random shapes and/or positions. It has many practical applications, e.g. in biology (presence of plants or trees), medicine (distinguishing different types of tissues), material sciences (structures of various materials) etc. This talk concerns the last mentioned branch, namely three applications of spatial statistics in material science will be presented. First, there will be shown a parametric model of three phases in a material, where each phase forms a connected component. Such a kind of material occurs e.g. in anodes of solid oxide fuel cells. The second application introduces the mathematical definition of two structural characteristics which describe transport properties in porous or composite materials, the estimators of these two characteristics and their properties. The last application concerns a method of reconstruction of grains of polycrystalline materials based on incomplete 3DXRD data. The method uses cross-entropy optimization to find such a Laguerre tessellation that minimizes the discrepancy between centers of mass as well as sizes of the cells from the Laguerre tessellation and those of the grain data measured by 3DXRD. Although all the above-mentioned applications touch physics, the talk will focus mainly on their mathematical aspects.

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