Predavanje: On Locally Spherical Regular Hypertopes

U petak, 10. rujna 2021. u 12h u dvorani B3-17 PMF-a

prof. Asia Ivić Weiss

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
York University

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On Locally Spherical Regular Hypertopes

Predavanje je organizirano u sklopu redovitog kolokvija Znanstvenog razreda SMD-a.

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Defining a hypertope as a thin, residually connected incidence geometry, we show how the concept generalizes the concept of a polytope. In this talk we present the characterization of the automorphism groups of regular hypertopes, summarize the classication of universal locally spherical regular hypertopes, and give examples of fine ones. In particular, given any irreducible Coxeter group C of hyperbolic type with non-linear diagram and rank at least 4, whose maximal parabolic subgroups are finite, we show how to construct an infinite family of locally spherical regular hypertopes of hyperbolic type whose Coxeter diagram is the same as that of C.

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