Predavanje Judy Kennedy

U petak 23.05. 2014. u 11 sati održati će se predavanje Judy Kennedy
s Lamar University, Texas, SAD,
pod naslovom
How indecomposable continua arise in dynamical systems.
Predavanje se održava u sklopu redovitog Znanstvenog kolokvija SMD-a.
Pozivamo sve zainteresirane da dođu na ovo predavanje u navedenom terminu u predavaonicu 22 PMF-a u Splitu, Teslina 12.

Absract: A continuum is a compact, connected metric space. A continuum is indecomposable if it cannot be written as the union of two proper (overlapping) sub continua. These continua arise often in dynamical systems as the result of folding, shearing, winding processes that are repeated over and over as the function is iterated. We survey work done with J. Yorke and others, and then mention new work being done in this area by several young Europeans.

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