Predavanje: where groups = graphs = topology

U petak 11.03. od 12h u dvorani B3-17 PMF-a

prof. Mathew Timm

s Bradly University i splitskog PMF-a

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where groups = graphs = topology.

Predavanje je organizirano u sklopu redovitog kolokvija Znanstvenog razreda SMD-a.

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Sažetak predavanja:
A group is non-Hopfian if it has proper quotients which are isomorphic to itself. The Baumslag-Solitar groups [Baumslag, G., Solitar, D., 1962] were the first known examples of 2 generator, 1 relator non-Hopfian groups. They, and the broader class of generalized Baumslag-Solitar (GBS) groups, have since become test beds for various sorts of conjectures in group theory. The class of GBS groups is intimately connected to a class of graphs, the GBS graphs, and a class of topological spaces, the GBS complexes. We explore those connections and, we hope, provide a justification for the title chosen for this talk.

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